Total and partial dentures

Treatment of dental prostheses is performed in cases of complete loss of teeth and then a complete dentures is made, and in cases when there is a larger number of teeth missing, which prevents making a bridge (partial dentures). Dentures are mobile prosthetic supplements that patients put and remove from the mouth on their own.

The role of dental prosthesis is compensating for the teeth and the parts of dental ridge and the prevention of its further reabsorption. Dentures allow: normal speech, chewing and digestion of food, they protect the temporomandibular joint from damage, lift the lip angle and fix the physiognomy of the face.

The materials that we use in the preparation are: acrylate and wironit.

Total prosthesis stands in the mouth due to the adhesion force (upper complete denture) and gravity (lower complete denture).

In cases where there are conditions in which it is difficult to achieve sufficient stability of the prosthesis due to anatomic conditions in the oral cavity, the additional stability can be achieved by installing mini implants.