Zircon crowns

A zircon crown is a crown of high technology, which belongs to the top of today's aesthetic dentistry by its biocompatibility of the material from which it is made. In its mechanical properties - strength and hardness – it is most similar to the natural tooth. Caps on which ceramics is applied are white, which allows fracture and translucency of the light the same as in a natural tooth, so it is indistinguishable from adjacent natural teeth.

A black edge that can occur along the edge of metal ceramic crown due to the withdrawal of the gums is completely eliminated here. Tooth preparation for making such a crown requires less grinding than the preparation for classical crown, which saves tooth tissue and tooth nerve from inflammation.

Zircon ceramic crowns due to computer processing method have very precise edge sealing and adherence to the dental abutment, and this allows for good hygiene and prevention of periodontal disease. These crowns are highly aesthetic, graceful and pleasant for the patient.