Metal-free ceramics (Emax)

Beautiful and healthy teeth are a reflection of the concern and awareness of the importance of one’s own health. High-quality oral hygiene is a prerequisite for dental health, while the position, color and size are something an individual cannot affect without the help of a dentist. In addition to functionality, in the preparation of fillings, crowns and bridges, today it is necessary to meet the high aesthetic demands of patients.

Bridges and crowns made of full ceramics can faithfully reproduce the previous state, as well as to correct the color, shape, size and position of a tooth. The aesthetics of non-metal ceramics is immeasurably ahead of other ceramic systems and is therefore used for the correction of front teeth. The reason for this is the fact that it, as well as the teeth, lets the light through, acts like it is "alive" and therefore it is impossible to detect in the dental arch.

In the case of enamel abnormalities (diseases and roughness) on the visible surfaces of the front teeth, a ceramic veneer is more appropriate solution. The same as when it is necessary to correct the position or length of a tooth.

In the back teeth, because of the necessary endurance in the area of large chewing forces, the ceramics based on metal or zircons is more appropriate.

With contemporary aesthetic materials and methods, in our laboratory we can meet almost all your requirements. This makes white teeth cease to be a privilege of the lucky few, and it is hard not to take that opportunity.