Combined works

Partial denture can be bound to the crown with retention links (anchors). These links are invisible and this contributes to the aesthetics (as opposed to clips), they are stronger and provide the patient safety and comfort.

We achieve aesthetics with prosthesis by building into the prostheses special high quality teeth made of multiple layers, which gives them high aesthetics because they have translucency and light refraction similar to natural teeth, but also have much better mechanical properties (hardness, strength, resistance to fracture and wearing off) than usual teeth in a denture.

Combined works consist of a fixed (crown-bridge) and mobile (partial denture) part. They are connected with "invisible" joint links (attachment), form a functional unit and there are no visible clips.

For the construction of metal substructure one can use:

• precious gold alloys characterized by high quality, precision, a good relationship with ceramics and excellent biocompatibility
• base dental alloys (Co-Cr-Mo), due to good physical and mechanical and biological characteristics

Aesthetic value of metal-ceramic restorations may be significantly enhanced by creating the edge of the crown in ceramics, because in this way the depth of cervical translucency and light transmission in the neck of the tooth is improved, which gives a more natural appearance of the supplement.